While Adelaide went shopping for a pair of gloves at the shopping center on Gerrard in Leslieville, Pepper and I walked up a pedestrian staircase and crossed the train tracks, heading north. We found this unique vantage through the chain-link fence. 

Yonge at Scollard, while we were on our way to a fountain pen and calligraphy exhibit at the Toronto Pubic Library.

Walking west towards the CN Tower.

Packing us took longer than we planned (typical). We decided to run to Niagara Falls for the night before we made the trek back to Michigan.

In Niagara, we stayed at the fanciest hotel we could find. Coming in at only $29/night, we couldn't take the risk of a $25 or even a $19/night hotel. It was also dog friendly. 

We have a rule when we travel; we always stop. It's always worth seeing. This rule lead us to stop in Red Rocks, AZ, thinking it was where the Red Rock Amphitheater was. Worth the detour, just for the laugh.

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