One of the most welcoming things about the city is her set of three bridges that cross the Allegheny River. The Roberto Clemente and Andy Warhol and Rachel Carson Bridges are here. 

Everyone is a Steelers fan. This was between upper-and-lower Lawrenceville, a more 'hip' part of town which I've heard people refer to as the "Brooklyn of Pittsburgh."

The Strip District is between the above bridges and Lawrenceville and is where you make your groceries and shop on Saturday's and Sunday's. This man had some fat oysters and Crystal hot sauce.

When walking by a cigar bar, this guy asked me if I wanted to see his tattoo.

Arielle, our roommate from New Orleans, lives in Pittsburgh. She's Pepper's favorite.

Yellow is the color of Pittsburgh.

The architecture in Washington, PA was really remarkable. Even the dilapidated homes a street or two away from this had beautiful bones.

Long walks while our clothes tumble dry next door.

Randyland was full of color and fun. Such a heart-minded man. He said "I live in my heart because it has many rooms."

At the Andy Warhol Museum.

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