In the shadow of the Doric order columns at the Parthenon.

The park at the Parthenon was a highlight of our trip. So much space; so many families. The park is expansive, reminding me of Turia Gardens in Valencia, Spain. The Parthenon stood firmly north north west of the park, providing a visual anchor to the scene. We heard there was a dog park nearby, but couldn't find it! I guess we'll have to go back...

We stayed in Nashville East. During the days, I'd walk the city while on calls, taking in the unique weirdness of the area. Trucks were on nearly every street, with few in serious disrepair. The paint might have been flaky, but the chrome was polished.

Creeping slowly out of the winter and into the spring, we had days that made my Michigan bones shake. We also had warm, beautiful days where scent of Magnolia liliiflora filled the residential alleyways. 

I didn't see anyone in a cowboy hat, but we saw plenty of boots and trucks.

My babies.

On Mardi Gras, Harlan and I walked downtown in her best Mardi Gras dress, listening to WWOZ, wishing everyone a very Fat Tuesday.

Nashville East.

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